A client approached us with a request for a custom built subscription center to handle multiple channels of communications with their clients. They use Marketo for their marketing communications, and did not want the default global unsubscribe to be the only option. This way, both clients and prospects would be able to curate which kinds of emails they get rather than just unsubscribe entirely. While current customers and prospects would have the ability to unsubscribe from the same core channels of communications, current customers would also need to have extra subscription options for additional email channels. These additional email channels were not to be seen by prospects.

Leveraging Salesforce data, we built a Marketo lead segment for current customers, and a segment for prospects. We added a lead field for each of the different categories of communications the client used. Next, we overrode Marketo’s default subscription page with our own custom built one. On this page we added subscription options for the general categories of communications, as well as options set to only display when the lead viewing the page was a member of the current customer segment. The global unsubscribe option was left on the page, but custom javascript button logic was added to the page such that clicking global unsubscribe would unselect all other options.

This custom subscription center works great because it reduces the number of general unsubscribes from the mail system by allowing recipients to opt out of specific channels of mail while receiving other channels that do interest them. By designing the page to load different content based on lead segment, the client only has to have a single subscription center that can service many different types of users. Adding additional channels in the future is simple, and even further segmentation behaviour is supported. Even complex subscription logic, such as temporary unsubscribes, can be easily included.