Salytics was approached to help an organization in the B2B space complete a data cleanse to ensure they received only high quality leads catering to a very specialized target clientele. Their existing setup used both Marketo and Salesforce and they were now focused on improving their workflow to solve very specific issues. Namely, they were receiving a lot of unqualified leads from both Marketo Hosted Form Submissions as well as External Form Submissions using the Marketo API. After they approached us and we learned of their needs, we got right to work creating a system perfectly matched to them. Here is what we did:


  1. Reduce Time Loss
    1. Users with JavaScript disabled in their browsers were bypassing validation measures on Marketo Landing Page Forms and External Forms connected through Marketo API. Spambots were also able to avoid detection and create bad data into the Marketo system, which eventually reached the CRM causing time loss for the sales team.
    2. Competitors were signing up to receive marketing communications and also were flowing through the CRM resulting in time loss for the sales team.
    3. Our client has a very niche market in the B2B space and did not want to respond to personal e-mail address requests or those from the wrong industry allowing their sales teams to focus only on high quality leads.
  2. Improve and Automate Data Consistency
    1. 3rd party lead lists had inconsistent data, notably in the Country and State fields.


The solution to reduce time loss focused on data cleansing by examining the data at the point of entry and creating a blacklist for rejected data before any other processes run in Marketo. The system utilized a flow process which was able to identify good data from the undesirable data based on the following criteria:

Undesirable criteria:

  1. Leads detected as belonging to a competitor based on email domain
  2. Leads that had a personal/public email domain
  3. Leads with an invalid phone number
  4. Leads with an invalid email address
  5. Only want leads from certain Industry/Occupation

If the leads pass the undesirable criteria check, the leads would then be enriched with a 3rd party data lookup. After enrichment, their state and country values would be standardized with expected values based on CRM field validations. After making it through all of these steps, the lead is finally ready to move into the main functions, developing lead scores and moving through the other flow processes based on the form that they submitted.  If they were unable to pass, they were assigned to a blacklist and all communication with the lead ceased.  Now, leads would be ready to sync to the CRM system.


In the end we were able to meet all of the objectives set out for the project.  By completing these objectives our client’s sales team has saved time and been allowed to focus on qualified leads as opposed to sifting through competitors, spam and other unqualified leads. Below we highlight some key results achieved:


  1. Drastically reduced the number of “junk” leads making it to the sales teams, giving them more time to focus on qualified leads
  2. Prevented competitors from signing up, either with company email or personal, to receive marketing communications and event info
  3. Allows for standard expected values for important fields used in lead routing logic in CRM system, making sure the right reps get the right leads
  4. Lead flow in Marketo can be used both on lead creation and pre-sync to CRM system – allows for handling based on multiple lead sources
  5. Reduced the calls to 3rd party data enrichment provider (no longer enriching blacklisted data), allowing the use of a ‘smaller’ package to save money

Products Involved: Marketo; Salesforce