At Salytics, we pride ourselves on providing the best service to all of our clients. Our hands on approach from strategy to execution allows us to partner with your organization for all of your Marketo needs. We realize that there are a lot of different agencies and consultants out there to choose from, but we like to think we offer a great service for those who want to work with one of the most talented and highly certified teams available. To that end, Salytics is proud to announce that 7 of team members have successfully completed the Marketo Certified Solutions Architect requirements. This certification is new for 2017, and was previously known as Marketo Certified Consultant. This level of certification required several months of work, and multiple days of in class learning which is why Salytics has 7 of only ~125 MCSA worldwide. Salytics is also proud to announce we have been selected to be a Gold Level Digital Services Partner. One of only 15 Gold DSPs worldwide.

Update: Salytics is proud to announce we have the 3rd largest team of Marketo Certified Solutions Architects in the World!