I love Marketo’s user interface. It’s friendly, intuitive, and generally pleasant to look at. That being said, it isn’t exactly efficient for mass repetitive tasks like updating program tags. To update program tags within the UI you have to click on the program, click on the setup tab, edit the tag value, and save each one individually. This is a cumbersome and time consuming process to do once, let alone multiple times.

Introducing Salytics Tag Manager

Salytics Tag Manager leverages Marketo’s REST and SOAP APIs to provide bulk program tag update functionality. You enter your Marketo instance’s REST and SOAP credentials, and Salytics Tag Manager gives you a list of your channels. You select the channel(s) you want to update and Salytics Tag Manager downloads a CSV of all the Programs in that channel and the tag values that program has.

Open up the CSV and simply edit the tag values of a program in the corresponding tag type column. Just make sure you have previously defined the updated tag value in Marketo.

Once you’re done editing the CSV, upload it to Salytics Tag Manager and your changes will sync to Marketo. The upload process uses Marketo’s SOAP API, because we are cognizant of Marketo’s REST API limits. We can update 200 program tags in 2 SOAP API calls whereas it would take 200 REST API calls.

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